Prof. Roberto Visentin
Scuola-perfezionamento in Fisica Allievo 500

Places: Roma – Sutri (VT)
Dates: February 21, 1937 – January 10, 2022


Doctorate in Physics – Univ. La Sapienza (Roma, Italy)

Winner of three chairs as Full Physics Professor (Torino, Calabria and Roma Universities)

Language skills

Italian, English, French


1965-1975: INFN-CNEN (Roma, Italy – Researcher: Elementary particles

1975-1976: Tenured University Lecturer in Physics

1975-1980: Torino University – CNR – Research on cosmic rays physics

1975-1983: Continuous contacts with the IEA, IIASA and with the United States official government contacts at the US Department of Energy, Washington D.C.; collaborating with scientists in solar laboratories and demonstration facilities at Albuquerque, Los Alamos, Los Angeles and Atalanta

1978-1983: Research director of “Sun, wind, water” in PFE-CNR coordinating 600    researchers from 14 industries, 18 universities and 14 CNR centers (in the year 1980 delegated by CNR and Italian Industry Ministry as lecturer, to represent the “Sun, wind, water programme” to members of Beijing Science Academies, China)

1988-1993: President, Commission for project restructuring public transportation service of    Verona, Italy

1990-1996: International President of COMPLES (Cooperation Mediterraneénne pour   l’Energie Solaire), non-governmental association founded by scientists at Sounion, Greece, 1960

1997-1998: Member of Energy Commission “Wastes for energy” Division XVII CEE,   Amsterdam

 1975-1991: Full Physics Professor at Calabria University

1993-1995: President of the Board of Director of Tecnossan SPA

1996-present: Honorary President on the International Board of Directors of COMPLES


Over 200 manuscripts published internationally on Physics, Electronics, Cosmic rays,   Energy, Economics of Energy

Five patents regarding invention on the convetion and storage of energy

Guest speaker and lecturer at over 200 International Conferences in Europe, USA,   China, Saudi Arabia, North Africa (Tunisie, Maroc, Egypt)

Research in Physics on subatomic particles, cosmic rays electronics and economy of   energy