2014 – Sustained Planetary Economy

Year 2081 the fossil derived energies, exibit, already from several years, high market price which is unable to sustaine the planetary economy.

The excess of infrared reflecting gases in the atmosphere has raised to +153%, while in the year 2019 it was + 77.5%.

The world population number continue to grow at mean rate of 0.062 billion/year.

The probable total consumed energy by the 11.5 billion humans   27.7 billion TEP/year;

1.7 billions TEP/year from hydroelectricity

26 billions TEP/year to be produced to substitute the fossil consumed energies and to avoid the collapse of the planetary economy.

The equivalent electricity of 26 billions TEP/year is 104000 billions KWhe/year which have to be consumed has it, liquid and gaseous fuels, electricity.

The substutive electricity will be produced by the planetary proliferation of new energetic convertors.

The proliferation 20800000 MWe of the thermoelectric convertors has the proliferation of 90912394 MWep of wind power convertors will produce 104000 billions KWhe/year consumable.

The energetic options will ask time and organization.