2018 – Soft transition to planetary hydrogen economy – Low price fuels and elettricity – Gennaio

Author: Prof. Roberto Visentin


From 1981 the FDE (fossil derived energies, coal, oil, natural gas) consumption continue to increase and now, year 2018, the development of the Earth (wars included) is sustained for 85% by FDE consumed.

If the mean per capita FDE consumed/year remain constant (2.05 TEP/year per person) the probable time of total FDE exhaustion is year 2084. Then the 2030 energetic transition could be considered from now, to avoid the collapse of the global economy. This action requires:

1 – to give global dimension to the energetic world’s perspectives

2 – to avoid to waste money

3 – to save strategic quantities of coal, from which carbonium is obtained (synthetic liquid fuels production)

The new planetary energetic economy could take into account:

a – how to find and to manage the necessary investments capitals

b – the security problems which emerge from the proliferation on the earth of energetic new systems

c – the time duration of economically recoverable energetic

d – the time lenght necessary to have the new energetic system 100% operative and related economy to manage its regime and renew time periods.

The probable FDE total exhaustion time is the year 2084.